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Public Speaking and Professionalism Coaching

Gravitas--how you act.  Communication--how you speak.  These combine to create your overall professional presence.  These skills can be taught, and I'm here to help you learn them. I am passionate about helping people feel comfortable in their own skin, whether that’s in a job interview, on stage presenting, arguing a point in a meeting, navigating a networking event, or working well with employers, employees, and clients.  I want my clients to know they can handle themselves with imperturbable self-assurance so they can go on to land the job, the client, the promotion, the paycheck that they want.  And I want each of them to do this with authenticity and confidence. 

Get in touch to book a call to see how I can help you succeed.

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About Me

Professional Consulting

With 24 years of experience as a public speaking coach, and 13 years as a corporate etiquette consultant, I lead trainings on professionalism and communications, helping you show up with the level of executive presence that aligns with your current or future role as a leader. I will help you learn to communicate clearly and confidently, whether that’s from a stage or across a desk. And I help you navigate any business encounter with confidence and elan.

I am certified by The Protocol School of Washington as an Intercultural Protocol and Etiquette Trainer as well as a Protocol Officer. I'm also certified as a Birkman consultant.

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My Services

Communication Gravitas Confidence Authenticity​

The hallmarks of professional presence are taught in these offerings. 
Take a look at the list of my services below, and contact me if you have any questions or special requests.

Motivational Speaker

The Essentials of Public Speaking

Are you passionate about your message, but you're not sure you're communicating that passion to your audience? Do nerves sabotage your confidence? Does your professional success depend on your communication skills?  I can help.

The Essentials of Public Speaking is a 4-hour course that covers the tools necessary for delivering cohesive, clear talks, whether those are from a stage or across a conference room table, in front of a crowd or just one person.  This program sharpens communication skills in meetings, pitches, and presentations. 

This course includes:  

  • how to craft a compelling message

  • using notes or a text effectively

  • combatting nerves,

  • using visual aids (Power Point in particular)

  • components of delivery (gestures, facial expressions, volume/projection, pacing, etc.) 

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Power Up Your Professionalism

Do you want to insure that your employees represent your brand with professionalism?  Do you have emerging leaders who want to accelerate their careers?  Then this course is for your organization.   

Topics covered can include: business etiquette, networking skills, owning your confidence, professional dress, navigating business dinners and events, and understanding emotional intelligence.  

Power Up Your Professionalism can be delivered as a series of short programs (like lunch and learns) or as a 3.5-hour course. Often, an etiquette dinner or lunch is added to this training.  

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Bespoke Programs

Since founding my business, I’ve provided my clients with a range of programs that incorporate elements of public speaking and professionalism or that feature a specific component addressing their individual or organizational needs.

Customized programs include lunch and learns, special training events, and conference presentations, interview coaching, and focused professional development.

I also help you prepare for special presentations and pitches, from crafting the talk itself to the final delivery, My coaching ensures that what you say and how you say it reflect you, your brand, and your organization strategically and with authenticity and dynamism.     

Let's set up a call to discuss exactly how I can help you and your organization.

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