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Goals and Grace

Happy New Year—one week in!


It is January 7th.  I started working on this blog post several weeks ago with the intention of mapping out my goals for 2024 BEFORE 2024 started. And yet here I am, with a blank planner and a blank calendar.  December took something of a turn mid-month, and to be honest, much of it is a cough-medicine, sleep deprived blur of checking off to-dos on a seemingly endless to-do list.  Around the 29th, I took a deep (hacking) breath and just stopped. Everything.  I slept.  I recuperated.  And now, welcome to 2024!


My health, my mood, my attitude needed that full stop.  My plans for a productive new year? For a minute, I was consumed with guilt, with a sense of failure, with a fear of a cluttered, unorganized, unproductive 2024. But today I saw a post on Instagram that suggested adding “when possible” to the end of every new goal/resolution for the new year.  When possible---there are no calendar constraints on that.  January 1st or January 7th or March 18th or June 25th or……


So today I took a deep (non-hacking) breath and decided to map out my goals-- on January 7th because that is when it’s possible for me.  I’ve chosen my word for the year: consistency.  Showing up for myself every day; showing up for my family every day; showing up for my work every day in big ways and in small ways.


Am I going to give myself the grace of adding “when possible” to this?  When possible. 

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