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Backpack To Briefcase Gifts For Your College Graduate

It's that time of year: Pomp and Circumstance, commencement addresses, final finals, and first steps into the professional arena. Below are my top picks for college graduation gifts that add polish and professionalism to your favorite graduates as they go forth and conquer.

(No, I'm not getting paid for this. These are just some great ideas from some businesses I really like.)

Level up that college backpack to the Alesya Bag—a gorgeous option for carrying a laptop and staying organized.

A hand-written note will always set them apart professionally—and Paisley and Paper can help you choose the right style for your graduate.

A pen might seem like an old-fashioned gift (in a very Cary Grant/Katherine Hepburn kind of way) but taking it up a notch from a basic ballpoint gives it professional panache that can’t be beat.

The HookNHide belt buckle doubles as a bottle opener. Form and FUNction! (I know—that’s terrible but I couldn’t help myself.)

This handcut and cast sterling birch bark cuff is a wearable work of art that can add flair to any professional dress code.

What book has had an impact on your life? Share its wit and wisdom with your favorite graduate. And go for the independent bookstores in your area if possible. for example

And finally, a gift card from Protocol SC will ensure that your graduate has the professional presence he or she needs to go far in whatever direction they are headed.

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