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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Hi! Welcome to my website!

For those of you reading this who don’t know me well, I’m Caroline Buxton Avinger, and I’m the founder/CEO of Protocol SC. I started my business 13 years ago, but I’ve been a public speaking coach for 24 years. Even when I took time off to raise a couple of people, I did private coaching, and I kept learning—about coaching, professionalism, and communication.

I live in Greenville, SC, with my husband Mauldin and my two daughters—the 19yo and the 16yo. Rosie, my mostly companion and office dog, makes an occasional appearance in my webinars (she isn’t supposed to—it’s a good thing she’s cute) as well as frequent appearances on my Instagram feed.

My number one favorite hobby is reading. When I was I child, my parents would force me to “go outside and play!” I would sneak a book out of the house and head to the giant azalea bush on the corner, where I would park my bike, hide, and continue reading. I always have a fine at the public library, and bookstores of every variety--independent and big box--are my happy places. I’ll be sharing what I’m reading on a regular basis both here and on my social media pages.

I wish I could give you a run-down of an impressive morning routine, but it’s neither impressive nor routine. It is a work-in-progress and constantly evolving—which is code for sometimes I get up early, get dressed, and face the day, and sometimes I get up sorta early and face the day in pj’s until 10:00 (am, not pm, I promise). In my defense, however, I am working when schlumping about in those pj’s. I just make sure the camera is off on any zoom calls I might have on those days.

I am passionate about helping people feel comfortable in their own skin, whether that’s in a job interview, on stage presenting, arguing a point in a meeting, navigating a networking event, or working well with employers, employees, and clients. I want my clients to know they can handle themselves with imperturbable self-assurance so they can go on to land the job, the client, the promotion, the paycheck that they want. And I want each of them to do this with authenticity and confidence.

On this blog, I’ll offer up tips on how to achieve imperturbable self-assurance as well as early access to upcoming courses and an assortment of odds and ends to educate, entertain, and energize. I’ll share a little about my own journey as an entrepreneur, including the constant juggling act of running a business and being in the sandwich generation, and perhaps a little on my quest to achieve a more reputable morning routine. This newsletter will also allow me to introduce some of the rock-star entrepreneurs I have the amazing opportunity to work, learn, and collaborate with on a regular basis.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me.



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Unknown member
Apr 26, 2022

Educating, entertaining and energizing message, authentically and professionally presented. Good stuff, Caroline!

All the best,

Todd Wolf

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